Who are we?

Last Cheat has been the industry's #1 Pay-To-Cheat platform for multiple games now. It all started with Paladins, and now we have expanded to multiple games such Apex Legends, Rust, and more to come. We are not a reseller but we are the main provider with in-house developers who handle cheat and bypass development.



This is the most important thing to us. We know how much it matters for our users to be able to stay undetected, hence why we focus on this the most. We spend countless of hours working on this aspect, to ensure that you have a pleasant cheating experience.



We are known to have the most game-breaking features in the market for most of our games, with some completely unique to LastCheat. We ensure that all of our users are equipped with the features needed to fight off against other hackers or pass off as a closet cheater.


Performance & Stability

Ever had a bluescreen or a crash while playing with cheats? With LastCheat, say good bye to that. We ensure that our code is stable before releasing it out to the public and if ever there's an issue, we fix it ASAP. Support is also online 24/7 and the developers are available for bespoke assistance for unique issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you attempt to go through our website - you will be redirected to our payment processing website, where-in, you can check out and pay through our payment processor. After purchasing, you will be given a set of instructions on a video - which you can see on the thank you page or via the thank you email that you receive after the payment has been processed.

You can check the detection history and detection status at https://lastcheat.com/status or via the LastCheat Discord which is at https://lastcheat.com/discord

We have a very high success rate of keeping our users undetected. We have been doing this for over 3 years now, and we will continue to do so.

For our apex cheat, we've made it so that it takes as little processing power and we believe it is optimized as it can compared to other products out there. If you do have a low spec pc, we have an option that you can utilize so that the cheat uses less processing power.

For Apex Lite, it is ultra minimal therefore if you can run Apex, running Apex Lite should make little difference.

Generally after a product is released, we tend to have continuous iterative development in-order to perfect the product. After that, we mainly focus on adding extra features in-order to maintain our edge in the market. Our developers are generally always ready when there's an anticipated game update. Our cheats also have the capability to automatically update itself for small game patches.

If you'd like to apply for reselling LastCheat, reach out to Garmoth via the LastCheat Discord.

Currently we have multi-language support for our Apex Legends Pro Cheat, which we support in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Yes. Our spoofer is unique in the sense that we don't just spoof the hardware layer, but we focus on the network layer of the anticheat directly. That way we ensure that your PC does not get messed with at all. We know how frustrating it can be when spoofers mess around with things too much and cause your Windows to get deactivated. With our spoofer, you will face no issues.

We support all types of screen-modes for all our cheats. One exclusion is with Apex Pro, where the ESP could bug out with certain aspect ratio video standards such as 4:3.

Majority of our users are able to play countless of hours without interruption. We make it a focus during development to minimize crashes and bugs so that when things are out to be released, people don't encounter blue screen crashing or crashing to desktop.

Ultra simple! It is a matter of downloading our loader and then logging in with the credentials that you used when purchasing. After you that you can load in the cheat and then run the game! We also have a variety of pre-made settings for you in our private VIP Discords.

You may join our discord server by heading to https://lastcheat.com/discord/