Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a spoofer or a VPN?

For 90% of our users, a spoofer is not necessary as we spoof it directly with our integrated spoofer. A VPN is however RECOMMENDED but not necessary. The main reason being is that if you do somehow get banned manually - you can always claim that you got hacked and have plausible deniability - then hopefully have your account unbanned and recovered.

Do you have configurations available?

Yes, we do. After verifying your order and getting inside our VIP Discord, you should be able to gain access to the #apex-settings channel. You'll then be able to download and see what other customers are using.

Do you have anywhere I can check on where to read on what each feature does?

After verification and getting inside our VIP Discord, you will gain access to our #apex-info channel. All information regarding features are compiled there.

I'm having issues with the cheat/purchasing, how do I reach out to you guys?

Contact us on our public discord and DM any of the admins or staff.

Public Discord: Public Discord 

Is there a Discord?

Yes! In-fact it is our main way to communicate with our fellow customers. 
You may join the Public Discord here

I'd like to purchase via Paypal

You have to DM one of our staff via the public discord in-order to pay via Paypal

Do you accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes - we accept crypto currencies - specifically Bitcoin and Litecoin. You may purchase coupon codes worth their equivalent via and then use them at our payment processing website. Follow instructions provided in the email.

What Window versions do you support?

We support Windows 10( all versions ) and Windows 11. We do require you to use a 64 bit system which almost everyone has.

I've been blocked from the VIP Discord - what can I do?

If you were blocked from the VIP Discord, you were probably blocked for a good reason. You can add Garmoth#3497 as a friend on discord or try to reach out via the public discord to find out the reason for your ban and appeal for it.

Why did I get redirected after trying to purchase? Are you guys legit?

No! That's just what we have to do in-order to keep processing payments. Payment processors do not like processing payments for cheat providers so we have to do that. After being redirect to our 'payment processing' website, you'll get access to the cheat. Instructions will follow after you purchase and if you are feeling a bit skeptic, you are free to join our discord and ask our users or pretty much anyone about us!

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